Zari’s Cameraman Accused of Diddling Clients, Dragged to Police

Yesterday, Tuesday 13 November, police raided the offices of Access Films in Bunga, belonging to city celebrated cameraman Haruna Ssebagala Snr, the official photographer for socialite Zari Hassan.

Haruna was dragged to Police by an incensed client accusing him of diddling her money.

Reports indicate that Haruna and the yet to be identified female client entered an agreement where he was paid to work at her function.

Many have come out claiming Haruna Ssebagala coned them

However, on the D-day, Haruna was a no show.

Frustrated and incensed, the client reached out to Haruna seeking an explanation as to why he did not appear.

Haruna reportedly became arrogant and even refused to refund the money he had received.

She was instead blocked and had no way of communication with him.

Another of Haruna Ssebagala’s clients complaining

After peacefully failing to resolve the issue, she sought the help of the authorities, Police.


However, before Access Films offices could be closed, Haruna was bailed out by his boss Zari who refunded the woman’s money.

Hours after learning of this, many others have come out claiming Haruna took their money and did not deliver as agreed.

More of Haruna’s Ssebagala’s clienst complaining

According to these disgruntled clients, Haruna is hired to cover their functions like graduations, introductions and even weddings but never delivers the pictures.

A one Smooch Quintessa has taken to Facebook to expose Haruna as a serial ‘conman’ and asked Zari to also refund the money of the many complaining clients.

Haruna Ssebegala’s client complaining

“If ZARI managed to bail dis fool out by refunding e money HURUNA (ACCESSFILMS) had eaten let her also give us all our money dis stupid arrogant fool took frm us en didn’t not deliver our pictures on our important days like graduation, introductions en weddings. He is sooo rude en he is a thief over 100 pipo r complaining e same thing abt one person HARUNA doesn’t not show up to functions en wen he helps u to cm he will tk pics after he Will say dat e flash disk got lost cn u imagine he is such an Ass” posted a seemingly angry Smooch Quintessa.

Smooch Quintessa claims is also a victime of Haruna Ssebagala

Besides Zari, Haruna is also the official photographer for posh hangout Guvnor at Industrial Area.

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