Zari Survives Pick Pocket at Entebbe Airport

South Africa-based Ugandan socialite, capsule page Zarinah Tlale, nurse sale http://certoclear.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-geolocation.php has expressed outrage at an attempt by security staff at Entebbe International Airport to steal her money and expensive jewelry, viagra sale http://cuencahighlife.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/controller.php ChimpLyf reports.

Zari arrived in Uganda last weekend for Eid-el-Fitri celebrations with her family and also to meet her lover, Farouk Sempala.

However, something nasty happened at Entebbe Airport as she returned to South Africa on Thursday.

A female security staff attempted to steal $1200 from her purse but Zari was sharp enough to foil the plot.

Officials at the airport said they are investigating the incident which has raised concerns about the presence of a racket of unscrupulous people within airport security.

The development has sparked fears that such unprofessional security officials can be easily compromised by terrorists.

IGP Gen Kale Kayihura recently passed out 49 Aviation Security personnel at the Police Training School in Kabalye, Masindi.

The IGP upon congratulating the Civil Aviation Authority for their initiative to train and improve the capacity of its security personnel noted that the Airport was a vital installation with high value of human capital, goods, property, and wealth, which makes it attractive to criminals and terrorists.


Below is Zari’s confession.

I need to fill you in on this little incident that happened to me this morning so next time you take extra caution:

As you arrive at Entebbe airport there is a security check point. Well I was asked to come out of the car and have my hand bag ‘searched’ which is the norm. The security lady at the desk fidgeted inside my hand bag and removed my jewellery and make up kit.

She tried to distract me by asking me to open the kit while she folded $1200 from my inside zip pocket of the handbag.

She folded the money and tried to push it inside her jacket sleeve around the wrist. I suspected what she was about to do the minute she tried distracting me by opening my make up kit. As a confrontation began the guy officer next to us asked me not to cause a scene which of course to me it was like asking me to ‘get loud ‘ yep that’s what I did.

Let me get this straight. You are ‘searching’ for weapons but end up pick pocketing me and ask me not to cause a scene? Sorry I am not dumb, am too fast and& smart for that crap. Mr Mugabi, Sir your intervention in this matter is needed. Your men should ‘search’ for weapons not pick pocket us unless this is part of their ‘job description’. To all travellers take note & be cautious, Lord knows what else can be taken or inserted in our bags.

I work hard for ma money and am not about to be robbed by people supposed to be protecting me. This will enlighten others on being cautious.

I just don’t get why of all places this happened at a ‘SECURITY CHECK POINT’? Where exactly are we supposed to feel safe? How many people have been robbed and no one raised a concern or only realised after reaching their destination? Why would the officer ask me not to cause a scene… Mr Mugabi there is a syndicate here please investigate. Otherwise the other officer would have intervened.

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