Zari Opens Health Academy in South Africa

Socialite turned businesswoman Zarinah Hassan is determined to expand her business empire.

The mother of five has opened up a health school in South Africa named Brooklyn Health Academy that she unveiled to the world yesterday, Tuesday 23 October 2018.

According to Zari, who will be occupying the CEO position, Brooklyn health Academy is a private further education institution dedicated to training Healthcare Professionals for the health industry of South Africa and across.

Zari Hassan

The facility will be providing equal education opportunities, especially to students who do not have general access to education al institutions, to adequately prepare themselves for entrance into the local and international healthcare market.

Zari has since revealed that Brooklyn Health Academy will officially open to the public for registrations in 2019.

The institution is the latest addition to the many that Zari manages in South Africa left by business partner and ex-hubby Ivan Semwanga.

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