Zari In Fresh Bitter Exchange With King Lawrence

Controversial city socialite and former wife to Don Ivan Semwanga Zari Hassan has again been caught in bitter feud this time with former one King Lawrence who is also a close friend to Ivan.
The two have been trading insults on social Media and counter accusing each other of being broke with Lawrence reaching to an extent of screen shooting Zari’s Message where she was begging him for money.

In the message she kept pestering Lawrence, about it remained reluctant and seemingly broke.
However, generic Zari retaliated saying that King Lawrence is a mere driver and at times mingles posh at one of Ivan’s Colleges in South Africa.

Then things went a notch higher when Lawrence in return claimed to have slept with her for USD 5000

All this came after king Lawrence vowed to pay Zari’s new lover Diamond $ 40000 to leave her so that she focuses on her children.

Apparently one of Zari’s kids Didi recently broke down and wept asking why their mother abandoned them to extent that she has missed their birthdays.

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