Zari Hassan Loses Grip on Semwanga Property to Rich Gang

Socialite Zari Hassan could be headed for a more turbulent time, shortly after losing her mother.

Exclusive information reaching ChimpLyf has it that the South African based socialite could lose custody of property that belonged to her late ex-lover Ivan Semwanga.

The property includes Brooklyn city College in South  Africa with its branches and a house where the kids have been staying.

This comes after an unearthed move exposing  Zari to have entered South Africa under ‘false identity’

According to reports, Zari is registered in South Africa as Zarinah Tlale, a wife to a former businessman Isaac Tlale.

Zari at Brooklyn City College offices

“Yes it’s true, they had issues with identity, but that was back then when Don [Ivan Semwanga] had just brought her [Zari] to South Africa” a source confirmed to ChimpLyf on grounds that we maintain anonymity.

Reports further indicate that even her three children boast of the “Tlale” name on most of their documents.

It shall be remembered, after Ivan Semwanga’s death, it was established that he lived in South Africa under a pseudo identity of ‘Ali Ssenyomo’.


Ali Senyomo however, legally, left no wife or kid.

Having no connection to the late Semwanga makes it hard or practically impossible for Zari to claim any property that belonged to the deceased.

That only leaves Semwanga’s close relatives (including rich gang) as the key likely successors to the late’s empire.

Contacted for a comment on the matter, one of the pillars in Rich gang who preferred anonymity told this website that “Zari has to beg for Mercy from us.”

“She played our brother, and we’re not happy,” the source added.

On whether they will seek a court battle, the source said, “She doesn’t stand a chance with us in Court.”

“We shall take custody of the kids, not Zari who benefited from their custody” the source said.

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