Zari Hassan Distances Self From Scam Charity Organizations

Socialite cum business Woman Zari Hassan the self-proclaimed ‘Duchess of Africa’ has distanced herself from fraudulent charity organizations like ‘Zari Foundation’, ‘Zari Org’, among others saying she is not affiliated to them in any way.

According to Zari, she does not own any charity organization and has warned her fans that she is in no way connected to the organizations that have been conning people off their money under the guise of charity and getting them jobs abroad.

The mother of 5 made the clarifications in an Instagram post in December 12 pointing out that there are over 50 such pages on Instagram and Facebook that she does not have any connection at all.

There are more than 50 pages on Facebook and here on the gram under Zari Hassan, Zarinah Tlale, Zari Org, Zari foundation conning people promising people jobs abroad etc. Plse be informed they are not my pages neither do i have anything to do with such scams. Whoever does so, it’s entirely at their own risk. #YouHaveBeenWarned
Kindly share this message and save someone from such scams. Thank you
,” She posted.


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