Zari Finally Gets Share of Semwanga’s Property

In what started out as a chaotic property scuffle, Zari Hassan, despite being the rightful widow, seemed unlikely to get a piece of the late Ivan Semwanga’s property.

However, in a meeting chaired by Kwagalana tycoon Godfrey Kirumira, it was resolved that Zari will be in charge of Semwanga’s schools in South Africa.

Having had a hand in the day-to-day running of the venture, Zari passed undisputed as the new administrator of the schools.

The meeting further resolved that she and the sons will occupy one of the two houses in South Africa left by Ivan Semwanga.

As regards the other house, the meeting agreed that it should be rented out to any willing tenants, to raise some money for the family.

Worthy to note, King Lawrence (Semwanga’s friend and cousin brother) was also named among the members who will run the late’s assets.

The other two include Ivan’s Sister Ritah Semwanga and George Pinto, the brother.

This now settles the dust as speculation had become the order of the day.

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