Zari Blasted for Promoting More of Herself than Ugandan Tourism

It has been a few weeks since socialite Zari Hassan was made Uganda’s tourism ambassador and began her ‘Tulambule Ne Zari’ tour around the country last week.

However, the Ministry of Tourism seems to have miscalculated this move forgetting that Zari is first a slay queen who loves being at the front line before anything else.

Majority of Ugandans have come out to express their dissatisfaction towards the way the mother of 5 is promoting the country’s Tourism.

Zari with Iryn Namubiru and her sister Zuleha Hassan yesterday at Queen Elizabeth NP

“Minister of Tourism, please, the trek around the country should emphasize the beauty of Uganda- scenery, food, wildlife, display of people in their cultural diversity NOT Zari and Kazoora as if we are promoting personalities,” pointed out a one Justus Amanya.

He advised that their role should be to lead the flavour and not them being the flavour.

Zari poses by the tour van at Queen Elizabeth NP

Ever since she started the tour, all Ugandans have been fed with are slaying photos of the socialite more than the tourism attractions that are supposed to be shown off.

Another known blogger Chantal Ruby Batamuliza stated, “Does Zari have a PR? Apart from the slaying photos, please and please show me just one photo where she’s promoting tourism. Unless she’s advertising herself, I have not seen anything enticing in those photos.”

Zari posing on top of a car at Igongo Country Hotel in Mbarara on day one

She added, “Zari, there is time to slay. You have slayed for years, Take your job serious. You are an ambassador, do your job! Show us what we should expect when we tour Uganda.”


Those who follow the socialite’s social media pages can testify that 90% of what she has been posting are photos of her on top of cars, showing off her outfits for the day among others.

Zari posing with Tourism Minister Godfrey Kiwanda

One can say that she advertised her village, father’s cows, goats and sweet potatoes better than she is doing for the Ugandan Tourism industry.

Zari posted a picture of the vehicle she is traveling in
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