Zahara Toto, Don Solomon Separate amid Money Issues

This afternoon, NBS’ Uncut presenter Zahara Nalumansi aka Zahara Toto went on a rampage on her snapchat about her now ex boyfriend Don Solomon.

The two have been dating for a while and they have had a share of the tabloid headlines from the first time they made their relationship social media official.

However, as per Zahara’s Snapchat posts, the two apparently broke up because he was cheating on her with another woman. Zahara flooded her snapchat today with photos of the ‘mistress’ who identifies herself as ‘queen_ann_luv’ on Instagram.

According to Zahara, each time she was away at work, events and parties, Don Solomon brought the other woman over into the house.

“I was in love because we have been together for a year now! I didn’t want to lose my man! But all in vain.….he is disrespectful, non-developmental, adds no value to no one!” Zahara lamented.

The alleged chat between Zahara Toto and Solomon.

She also added that Don Solomon is threatening her because she exposed his mistress but she won’t give in because she was tired of being embarrassed among her close buddies.

She also said that the Don has been using her money to fake a lifestyle and in a screenshot of their chat, she asks him to repay all her money.

In retaliation to what Zahara posted, Don Solomon posted on his snapchat saying, “Lol, u can post anything you want about my gal. The truth is, I cannot be with u anymore, I have my reasons why I left you Zahara…you don’t have no respect for anybody. Post all the lies you want about someone you don’t even know.”

Solomon’s response on snapchat

It remains to be seen if this is going to be the final split of the two or just like other couples, they will walk through the wave and keep their relationship.


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