Zaake Praises MPs Nambeshe, Kalwanga, Nsamba for Shunning NRM Advances

Mityana Municipality Legislator Francis Zaake has today extolled three ruling colleagues in the August House for rejecting calls to abandon the People Power pressure group.

“I appreciate you comrades for staying true to your word and not betraying Ugandans who put trust in you,” Zaake stated.

The legislators in question include; Manjiya County’s John Baptist Nambeshe, Nsamba Patrick Oshabe (Kassanda County) and David Kalwanga Lukyamuzi.

Communicating via Facebook on Saturday, Zaake praised the trio that belongs to the National Resistance Movement (NRM) for their unwavering support to the Pressure group ever since it was inaugurated.

“When our next President Robert Kyagulanyi held the torch of truth and started shining it upon the Uganda we aspire to grow old and raise our children in, these 3 comrades jumped NRMs sinking ship and joined People Power,” he intimated.

While some of their colleagues appear to have made peace with the ruling NRM party, the youth leader commended the above mentioned for standing their ground.

“As others with whom they had left NRM started secretly meeting Dictator Museveni to strike a deal for their return as we all saw yesterday, these 3 comrades were busy returning  People Power Nomination forms as a sign of commitment to the struggle,” Zaake added.

It is understood that this week, a group of 16 ruling Party Members dumped the red beret and asked President Yoweri Museveni for forgiveness.


These included Kassambya County Member of Parliament (MP) Gaffa Mbwatekamwa, Buyaga County’s Barnabas Tinkasimire and Monica Amoding the Kumi Woman Representative among many others.

The group had become a thorn in the regime’s ribs by constantly defying party positions such as the lifting of the Presidential age limit in 2017.

Even then, Zaake says that the group’s departure does not surprise him.

“I have never had the expectation that everyone I relate within the struggle as a comrade will stay the course and never betray the cause,” he intimated.


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