Youths Urged To Prepare for Power Transition

Youths in Bushenyi district and all around the country have been called to prepare to receive the mantel from the current leadership of the country.

The call was made by the Mbarara Resident District Commissioner Maj. Martha Asiimwe who on Tuesday was speaking at the passing of 500 patriotism students at the Ishaka KIU campus.

The RDC, who represented Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwiine, advised the youths to start preparing for what she called a peaceful power transition.

RDC Asiimwe and Brig Mwesigye inspecting parades

“This country is coming into your hands,” she said.

“For us we have done our part. If you don’t play your part to keep this boat of our motherland afloat we will all sink.”

Asiimwe told the youths that the currently government leadership is its final stages and is ready to hand over to the younger generation.

“When you look at us here, we are aging and we are going away. We will hand this baton to you. So the onus is on you whether to destroy the country which you have found very beautiful, peaceful and stable,” said the RDC.

Maj Asiimwe urged students to use the patriotic training to cause change to their communities, and to avoid engaging in political violence.


The RDC also asked the youths to remain loyal to Uganda and not to be misguided by external forces.

“If you lose track for what is good for Uganda, there will be a very big following behind you which you will lead into a gorge,” she warned.

The function was graced among others by the Commissioner for patriotism in the Office of the President Brig. General Patrick Mwesigye, who hailed the university director Hajj Hasan Basajjabalaba for starting such a powerful institution in the district.

Brig. Gen Patrick Mwesigye addressing the youths

Brig. Mwesigye said the Patriotism program is meant to prepare the youths to be vanguards of the revolution.

“It is meant to transform the mindsets and attitudes of young people who are the generations of the future, who are responsible for driving the social economic progress of this nation. Without transformed attitudes there is nothing we can talk about transformation of our society” he said.

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