Youths “Forced into Elective Politics Prematurely”

Isa Katungulu, the African ambassador of the World African Diaspora Union (WADU) has warned that many youths have been prematurely lured into elective politics because of economic hardships and perceived abandonment by government.

Katungulu says the youth from the grass-root levels think that they have not been represented enough, which has prompted them to joining active politics so that their voices are heard.

“All this comes because of negligence, selfishness and neglect of the youth. They think that it is the elders who are misusing their chances of transforming themselves,” he said.

“And they are they are right somehow; if you are not represented, who will address your issues? This is not heaven where God gives life to both sinners and believers, thus once you are not represented, no one will bother about you.”

Katungulu raised the concern while speaking to our reporter at his office in Kololo, about the status of Uganda’s politics.

Quoting popular Muslim scholar, Imam Ali who once said that a youth is like an uncultivated land which can be used in any way, Katungulu said that it is the responsibility of the elders to live by example and teach the young ones instead of making them their enemies,

“In planning for example, it is the youth who know what they want so it is good to include them during the planning other than just sitting and dictating for them what to do. That is why most of the government projects targeting youth have failed,” he said

According to Katungulu, the widened gap between the old and the youth should be squeezed other than “waiting for the political season”


“Youth now know that free money is in politics because they have been seeing these politicians going back with the sacks of money during campaigns and now they also want to get their own.”

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