Youth Minister- We Need To Address The Plight Of Ugandan Girls In The Middle East

The Minister of Youth and Children Affairs Nakiwala Kiyingi has said that she will make a follow up on the recently displayed video that went viral showing a Ugandan girl undergoing suffering and mistreatment in the Middle East.

It is believed that the victim known as Elizabeth Nabukeera was taken to the Middle East by a labor exporting company in Uganda.

While delivering her speech at World Day for Safety and Health at KCCA UMA show grounds in Lugogo, Nakiwala said that she has summoned officials from the exporting company for explanation.

“I have summoned them and am coming out so strongly track the perpetrators. It’s alleged that they are employing young people and the children’s act and labor laws prohibit someone below the age of 18 to participate in any gainful employment. But even those above 18 years, for example I have seen the video of Nabukeera crying for help. I have therefore summoned them tomorrow. If she is alive let me see her, if she is sick let me treat her and if she is dead let me have her body,” she said.

Nakiwala added that 70% of workforces in Uganda are youth and therefore they need to be protected because safety and health are the future of work.

The event was organized under the theme “safety and health and the future of work combat vulnerability of the youth.”

Milton Turyareeba, the  Chairman Central Organization of Free Trade Unions said that they stand in observance of the workers who lost their lives and in solidarity with those who have been diseased while on their work.

He also stated that data associated with work related accidents is essential in improving national work place program. He however added that occupational hazards and work related diseases have remained a challenge due to lack of proper recording of incidents and occupation injuries.


Mr. Turyareeba said lack of accurate data especially when it comes to accidents is still a challenge.

“There is need to collect more data for occupational injuries and diseases so as to have interventions to mitigate them. Many workers in Uganda have suffered non compensation when they get accidents or injuries at their work places,” he added.

The event was embraced by various companies and organizations such as Eskom Uganda, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, URA, NWSC, Mulago hospital, Uganda Blood Transfusion and UMEME among others. The event was a precursor to the International Labor Day that will take place in Agago district on Wednesday.


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