Youth Elections: Preliminary results Show Victory for NRM

The National Resistance Movement (NRM) has won the village youth elections across the country, preliminary results show.

In Kisoro District, NRM won with 3,305 votes out of total 3,573 votes cast, giving the ruling party a landslide.

Representatives of Bobi Wine’s National Unity Party (NUP) got 6 votes (0.2%) while FDC candidates didn’t get a single vote in the entire district.

In Rukungiri, the NRM appeared to be leading in most town councils such as Rwerere where the party got 52 votes out of FDC’s 29.

In the South Division, NRM emerged victorious with 105 voted against FDC’s 82. NRM further defeated FDC in Western Division, Bikulungu Town council and Nyarushanje.

However, in the same district of Rukungiri, FDC floored NRM in Buyanja and Eastern Division.

In Greater Ngoma, NUP did not field candidates.

The same happened in many parts of the country, raising concerns about NUP’s ability to defeat the incumbent leadership in the 2021 polls.


In Mbarara, NRM won with 93 percent. FDC and Mugisha Muntu’s ANT went home with a paltry 0.24% and 0.1% of the votes respectively. NUP didn’t get a single vote in the entire district.

Bobi Wine said in a statement that his failure to field candidates in many areas was a lesson for his new party.

The latest development underscore the need for opposition to roll up its sleeves as the country braces for MP and presidential elections.

Acting EC spokesperson, Paul Bukenya said the youth elections were largely peaceful despite a few incidents of violence.

“Other districts from across the country have reported peaceful electoral exercise, with isolated cases of violent conduct by candidates and their supporters, which attracted Police intervention,” said Bukenya.

“A detailed report on the elections will be issued in due course.”

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