Youth Committees: Bobi Wine Implores Youth to “Massively Storm Polling Stations, Vote”

Hon Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, the National Unity Platform (NUP) party president, has called upon all the youth across the country to massively participate in their forthcoming youth committee elections.

The voting exercise for youth committee leaders at the village level commences on Monday August 17, 2020.

“Despite the intimidation, many of you were nominated under the National Unity Platform in many places across the country. This is a call to all youth out there to take charge of our country’s destiny by participating in these elections,” he said.

He reminded the youth about the power they hold and the dangers of “just sitting home and leaving the affairs of the country to be decided upon by a few individuals.”

“Remember bad leaders are voted into power by those who do not vote. So come out in big numbers, and inform your colleagues who share the same values and aspirations to come out and vote for the people of your choice,” Kyagulanyi cautioned.

This election comes at a time when the NUP party is eyeing its peak after scooping a number of members from different political parties and other sections like artists.

In their preparatory meeting which was held in Kamwokya this week, the youth wing of the National Unity Platform party vowed to crash whoever will be found attempting to rig the votes.

“They (other political candidates) have this mentality of buying voters at the last minute. I call upon all of you to go and eat their money and vote for our candidates massively,” Alex Wanyanga, the National General Secretary of the NUP youth wing said.


“The victory of our president Robert Kyagulanyi starts now and we want to tell you that we shall vote and at the same time protect our votes. If they attempt to rig it we shall nullify it. They either lose it or we win it,” he added.

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