You’re Not Special; Police Warns Sejusa

Uganda Police Force have praised General David Sejusa for his peaceful return to his home in Naguru on Tuesday, but cautioned him against planning to destabilise the country.

Gen Sejusa, who fled the country in April last year , made a surprise return two weeks ago; leaving an array of an answered questions about a possible agreement between him and government. He sternly denies the claims.

He was received in the wee hours of December 14, at Entebbe International Airport by Director General ISO, Col Ronnie Barya and escorted to his country farm in Sembabule, before heading back to his Kampala residence on Tuesday amid tight police deployment.

At a welcome party held at the house in Naguru, Sejusa launched a scathing critique on government and declared intentions to mobilise the population to overthrow the regime.

This, police says must be pursued in the rightful and legally accepted procedures and structures short of which the General, like any other person would be restrained.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga told this website yesterday that General Sejusa would need to have his Political Party, Free Uganda [FU] which he formed while in exile, registered and formally recognised in Uganda.

Failure to do so, or trying to antagonise people’s peace, Police says Gen Sejusa must not expect preferential treatment.

“If his intention is to oppose government, he must do so through the right procedure, and of course not under an unrecognised political party or organisation,” said Enanga.

“We as police are there to keep law and order in the country and among our duties is to ensure that all political parties under the Anti-Corruption Act conduct their activities within the set guidelines and structures.”

Gen Sejusa, while speaking to dozens of friends, relatives and supporters at his welcome party, said he had been sent by FU, to kindle its anti-NRM activities in Uganda.

“I am no longer part of Museveni’s NRM; I am a new force which must galvanise all Ugandans who believe that that the country is currently undergoing gross mismanagement t.”

Free Uganda, Sejusa noted, is a formidable political organisation, with membership, structures capacity and still building more capacity.

Police’s Enanga appealed to Sejusa to immediately embark on having FU, registered and to solicit for signatures and representation from all parts of the country as well as following all other procedures for establishment of a political organ.

Sejusa Speaking at the welcome party
Sejusa Speaking at the welcome party
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