“You’ll Hear and See Me Less – Besigye Tells FDC Leaders

Former Presidential candidate Col Dr. Kizza Besigye has said since the 2016 presidential elections, he has been infrequent in the field and will continue to be, as he works on a different political strategy.

This, he said, is all part of a new plan to concentrate less of his political activities in Kampala, to other parts of the country.

Besigye told FDC leaders in Kampala last week that, his “People’s government”, which he formed after “being robbed of his victory” in the 2016 elections, is still alive and functioning, despite his apparent silence.

“These days you don’t hear much from us. In fact some people have been blaming me and saying, ‘we don’t see you anymore; we are not hearing from you,’” he said.

“I don’t want to be seen anymore. The job at hand now is not for me to be heard. I have been seen and heard enough. What we said was enough,” Besigye revealed.

“What we have been doing instead, since 2016, is to do those things that will reenergize people so that they themselves rise up.

“We are no longer in that position of saying, ‘Besigye came to the city and was taken to Naggalama.’ That stage is behind us. Now were are empowering people, so that when they are being taken to Naggalama, we watch and see how much they will expand that Naggalama to accommodate all of them.”

In his limited public appearances, Besigye said, he has been concentrating on empowering Ugandans outside the city.


“Even though we haven’t been speaking in these last two years, the job has been done so far,” he said.

“We are not focusing a lot on Kampala, because the war has persisted in Kampala, and that’s where most of those people (government)’s energies are concentrated.

“We are now focusing on other areas and I want to tell you that as we end this year, that job has been done.”

Dr Besigye’s remarks followed revelation by President Yoweri Museveni, — against whom he has contested four times for the highest office — that he has no plans of retiring from the presidency.

Museveni said he still has a lot to do to secure Africa’s unity, prosperity and guaranteeing its future security.


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