‘You Have No Moral Ground To Preach About Marriage’ – Fans Blast Faridah Nakazibwe

NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe got shots fired at her after putting up one of her long relationship advise posts on her official facebook page.

The war on her post was started by famous blogger Chantal Batamuliza, who restrained herself from attacking the alleged ‘double-standard’ presenter.
“If I was not Faridah’s fan, I was going to rant. She should be the last person to talk about these things just because that guy finally married her, after being around for too long,” Batamulinza.
This post opened up a can of worms as numerous fans flooded the post to rant and express their resentment towards Nakazibwe.
“I got tired of Friday, after she had two babies out of wedlock , romping her father -like- sugar daddy (Kigongo) in exchange for a car, married (kwanjulad) herself to a picture, she would be the last to give marital advice,” Joseph Mukasa spit fire.
A one Bliss stated, “After breaking Olive Kigongo’s marriage…She all comes out lecturing and condemning us for cohabiting as if she is the holy one.”
Nakazibwe having fun with Ex-lover Kigongo who was married back then
Nakazibwe’s post was advising ladies to avoid acting like married women and doing wife duties yet they are only girlfriends.
The ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ presenter was attacked for giving such advise because her past life has never reflected her advise.
She has over the past years been involved in love scandals and currently in an uncertain marriage with numerous rumors about her husband.
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