You Cannot Afford Fighting Your Own – Bobi Wine Decries Low Support in Buganda

Presidential aspirant Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) has revealed that the amount of support he currently has in Buganda region is lower than he expected.

Bobi Wine said Saturday that he felt disappointed by Baganda tribesmen who don’t support him and those that continue to fight and ridicule his political ambitions.

Yet, according to the Kyadondo East MP, people from Buganda continue to be segregated by “others” around the country.

“I want to tell you, we are being segregated,” he said while appearing on CBS Fm.

“That is why I feel so bad when I don’t get the love that I should be getting here at home.”

“You saw what happened to Hon Zaake; he was tortured and his only crime was being a Muganda. Those same men tortured us; they squeezed us with pliers and our only case was the shape of our noses.”

“My people you have to wake up. You cannot hate us because the other side they also don’t like us.”

In the tribally charged rant on the radio talk show, Bobi Wine also said Baganda people were finally starting to pay the price of their political indifference.


“Our people here have been so comfortable; we refused to engage in these things thinking we were so rich. In the end, we realize now that in Buganda region, the Baganda are the poorest. If you look around here, the real Muganda is the one riding a bodaboda or selling maize on the street. If you go to Entebbe and see all those 15-year-old girls being shipped out to work as slaves in Arabia, most names are Baganda.”

He added, “The people of Buganda have been asleep and I Kyagulanyi Sentamu your brother, I am telling you, you have to wake up. When I go to other places they tell me ‘okay we support you but what’s up with your own people? Why are they fighting and disparaging you?”

Bobi Wine’s comments could rekindle the tribalism debate which in 2018 almost drove a wedge between him and FDC’s Col Dr Kizza Besigye.

Besigye in a veiled comment, accused Bobi Wine of stoking tribalism with a term “twebereremu

“These things creep up slowly but the danger that comes out of them can be immense. If we don’t fight them now, they might destroy our nation,” Besigye warned.

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