“Ykee Benda is not Intelligent” Apass Attacks Singer Again

Singers Apass and Ykee Benda’s feud seems to have resurrected again as the two attack each other.

Following Fik Fameica’s flopped concert last year in December, different artists came out to share their opinion on what could have happened and how it should be addressed.

Among those, was controversial musician Apass who insinuated that Fik’s pride did not allow him to invite fellow artists to help him out on the show thus little publicity which later resulted into a flop.

Ykee Benda on the other hand, disagreed with Apass’ reasoning saying artists should be united and avoid picking on their colleagues, just like Apass had. This got them into a heated battle via twitter, having to go back and forth with each other in a bitter exchange.

Ykee Benda finally ended the heat but Apass is still not over it as he reignited the feud while being hosted on Cedric Babu’s show on UBC TV, where he talked about the incident saying Ykee Benda is not intelligent

“Not everyone is intelligent that’s why not everyone understood my tweet about Fik Fameica eg ykee benda lacks intelligence.”

Ykee Benda could not hold it as he, in in retaliation, went ahead naming Apass Uganda’s empty tin.

“It’s true what they say…empty tins make a lot of noise. That’s Apass for Uganda. Move on son. Lol…” he wrote.

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