Xmas: Stranded Travelers Want Govt to Regulate Fares

Buganda Road Magistrate Joan Aciro has adjourned to January 20, hospital 2015 the case in which KCCA driver Anwar Baguma is charged with knocking dead a child of to a vendor who had been arrested.

This followed a request by the defence lawyer Mike Mukwana for court to allow his client, purchase KCCA and the mother of the baby who also doubles as the complainant to finalize with negotiations to have her compensated.

‘’KCCA and the complainant are in advanced stages of seeing that she is compensated. In the interest of reconciliation, we ask for adjournment of at least one month to enable negotiations go on,” Mukwana told court on Tuesday morning.

The magistrate responded: “Court is not going to hesitate for an adjournment in order to cater for reconciliation. We shall set another date for hearing of the matter,” said Aciro.

Two-year-old Ryan Ssemaganda was last month knocked dead by Kampala Capital City Authority’s car at city hall premises following the arrest and detention of the mother Madinah Namutebi for vending on the streets.

The death caused public outrage with many condemning the excessive brutality of LCCA enforcement officers.

Presidency Minster Frank Tumwebaze said then that KCCA must tone down on the way it treats civilians.

“Law enforcement in the city is certainly necessary, and by arresting the mother of the child for violating the existing city law, KCCA law enforcement officials were doing their job.  We encourage them to perform their duties but responsibly,” said Tumwebaze.


“However, the death of the toddler is an act of negligence which I do not take lightly. The incident shows security laxity within KCCA. Whether the child had an attendant or not, the KCCA security should have the capacity to detect any movement within the court and its entire premises especially of a child reported to have moved away undetected from its minders.”
Gen David Sejusa has attacked government spokesperson; Ofwono Opondo over the latter’s comments that the former Coordinator of Intelligence organs had resorted to liquor during his exile in London.

Sejusa told Chimpreports in an exclusive interview at his home in Sembabule that, visit this site “I am telling you, adiposity I do not drink.”

He added: “A person who has the goal of becoming a president? I can never drink alcohol.”

For Sejusa to contest for the president, recipe he has to first be retired from the army. The army has since declared Sejusa a deserter and threatened to charge

Sejusa returned from exile last Sunday before being driven from Entebbe International Airport to Sembabule under the escort of military police.

His return marked 20 months in self-imposed exile in London.

Opondo was later quoted in the media as saying government facilitated Sejusa’s return trip with an air travel ticket. He reportedly added that Sejusa was frail and needed support which government would provide.

However, Sejusa denied the claims, asserting Opondo “has always been seeking to make a name for himself and this will never work;” adding, “I am really disappointed with his remarks – I didn’t expect him to tarnish my name.”

He further denied reports that he was on a mission to spy on Museveni’s enemies in the Diaspora.

“As of now I have no job. You journalists should work professionally instead of telling people that I signed a deal with Museveni to go abroad and spy for him, allegations which are not true,” he added.

Dozens of locals, who included friends and relatives, trekked long distances to meet Sejusa at his plush country home.

He encouraged farmers, herdsmen; his casual workers and relatives to work together for the good of the family and that he was back to stay.

He later threw a party for all his visitors. They enjoyed roasted meat and plenty of drinks.

Turning to the youth, Sejusa said they should remain focused and “vote issues.”

He added: “We fought because we wanted a good future for our country. I am at my home and expect nothing to happen to me except when God decides. I however advise the government not to always hate those who assist their poor even going as far as turning them into enemies.”

The NRA war combatant said this is not good for the development of Uganda.

He promised to address a press conference about his future plans.

Sejusa amused Chimp Corps when he said he did not miss a single day without opening the website to read latest news.

“Every morning, I would open for information about Uganda and the region. You people are doing a good job,” he added.
Counting hours to Christmas day, treat thousands of Ugandans are exiting the capital Kampala with gloomy faces while a number of them will actually miss out on spending the festive season with their loved ones upcountry, cialis 40mg thanks to tripling transport fares.


Owing to the massive crowds pouring to the taxi and bus terminal, our reporter Michael Ntezza informs us that bus drivers decided the obvious; to multiply the travel fares.


Moving around downtown Kampala this morning was near impossible as the roads were clogged with people trying to access the terminals, as well as those making final shopping for the big day.


Queuing for the next bus
Queuing for the next bus

All travel fares out of Kampala have been doubled or tripled to cope with the number of passengers and quite a number of them had to cancel the trips especially those with children and heavy luggage.


Abdul Alodo Manager Kalita Bus Company, based the revision of the transport fares for buses heading to upcountry on the few passengers coming back to town which compelled them to drive back empty buses to town yet the fuel consumption remains the same.


“We also have relatives travelling home but this is what we have to do. You have to count in the fuel, and the money we need like anybody else to spend for Christmas. Everybody is doing the same.


Buses cannot access their terminals
Buses cannot access their terminals

Taxis doing town service and shorter trips outsider Kampala also hiked their fees on the same grounds as explains Mr. Kigonya Kayizi the chairperson for Bukomero stage in the new taxi park.


“It’s not about exploiting anybody; we are trying to avoid losses. There’s too much traffic jam, which adds an extra cost on the fuel.”
In the New taxi park fees to Mbarara, Lyantonde and Rushere have increased from 15000shs to 35000shs. The operators insist that if the traffic does subside, the fares could shoot higher.


At  Qualicel Bus Terminal also the costs shot up with charges to Fort Portal hiked from 20,000shs to 50,000shs.From Kampala to Masindi these were revised from 20,000shs to 25000shs, Kampala – Hoima it requires you 30,000shs instead of the usual price of 25000shs.
Buses are finding problems accessing the park, due to the huge traffic congestion from Nakivubo road and the busy areas of Kikuubo which have left a number of passengers stranded in the park with their luggage.

Most of the passengers we spoke to appealed to government to find ways of regulating transport fares during the festive season.




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