Xmas Fever: Fist Fight as Oxygen Buses Trim K’la Fares to Zero

Kampala Metropolitan Traffic Police Commander, capsule Norman Musinga has warned all drivers and vehicle owners against none compliance of traffic rules and guidelines during the festive season.

Musinga announced a colossal traffic operation that aims at reducing road accidents during the end of year festivals.

“Our operations began yesterday arresting all drivers without driving permits; the operation today focused on Bodaboda cyclist who cause most of the accidents in town due to bad driving,” Musinga told the media at the Central Police Station (CPS) in Kampala,” he said.

“We are arresting those cyclists who don’t have driving permits, no helmets, those who carry more than one passenger, violators of traffic lights and driving in one-way routes.”

Traffic Police boos Norman Musinga addressing press
Traffic Police boos Norman Musinga addressing press

He added, “These operations won’t stop until the festivities end. Our major aim is to reduce accidents, restore discipline among drivers.”

Musinga further warned that no drunk driver will be spared, as well as those who over speed.

The operation saw a total of over 20 Pioneer Easy Buses impounded and taken to CPS under the orders of Traffic Police.

We were checking whether the buses complied with traffic guidelines but we found that several of them were not.”


Musinga noted that the drivers were found operating without budges yet it’s a requirement for all bus drivers to possess them, while some buses were found in poor conditions with no PSV license.

“We however decided to pardon them since we had never arrested them; we gave them a period of one week to have all the irregularities ironed out.”

An altercation ensued on Wednesday between staff of two major bus companies in eastern Uganda over travel discounts.

Police was called in to restore calm in the Mbale bus park after a fist fight erupted between the workers YY Coaches and those Oxygen bus company over passengers.

The trouble came when Oxygen Bus Company announced that they would be transporting passengers to Kampala at no cost.

Police was called into the terminal to calm the fighting staff
Police was called into the terminal to calm the fighting staff

With just under two weeks to Christmas, visit most bus companies usually struggle to get passengers to the Capital as most people are travelling back home for the festivities.

Inside the bus park, cialis 40mg the YY bus staff were incensed to see the few available passengers scrambling for Oxygen buses for the free ride to Kampala.

The outcome was rough brawl that only subsided when police officers were called to the terminal, to restore calm.


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