World Cup: Police Issues Security Guidelines 

As the world cup draws close, police has on Wednesday released security guidelines to be followed by the football fanatics in the country.

The guidelines are intended to avoid possible insecurity incidents from terrorists and other attackers like gunmen.

In a joint press briefing held at the Police Headquarters, KMP Commander Moses Kafeero urged bar owners to show the football matches in enclosed structures with access control systems.

“Make sure you have showrooms in enclosed areas and there should be checking,” said Kafeero.

Kafeero also ordered bar owners to deny access to people with hooded jackets into their premises.

Police asked bar owners to ensure that other safety measures such as fire extinguishers and water hydrants are put in place in case of eventualities.

Kafeero also asked owners of football showrooms to create safety exit doors and proper lighting systems on their facilities.

The Senior Commissioner of Police, David Waswa from the Counter Terrorism Department, said police has dispatched teams across the country to inspect public places, to ensure they meet the required security standards.


“Joint inspection teams are moving around, please cooperate with them and adhere to whatever they ask you,” Waswa said.

Police warned that there will be serious operation on drink driving during the world cup season.

“Boda boda cyclists who ride with excitement while scratching the roads will not be spared,” Police warned.


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