World Bank Cancels Funding to UNRA

Hundreds of mourners yesterday converged at Our Lady of Africa Church in Mbuya at the requiem mass for the fallen tycoon Crescent Baguma who was killed in a motor accident last week.

One by one, sickness the speakers eulogized the deceased as a down to earth person who helped many Ugandans to achieve a decent life.

The King of Tooro Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru described the late as one of the few patriotic people
that have ever existed in his Kingdom and the country as a whole.

Some of Baguma's children at the requiem
Some of Baguma’s children at the requiem

In his message, Oyo comforted the grieved family and advised them to give their life to God in the trying moment.

“We were saddened by the news of the death of Amooti Baguma, which I received on Friday morning. Tooro and Uganda have lost an irreplaceable son,” he said.

Oyo added that the late will be greatly remembered in the history of the Kingdom for his acts like offering his home to the former Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi when he visited the Kingdom in July 2001.

At the requiem mass, Dorothy Baguma the widow described her late husband as the respectful and loving man who consulted her before starting up any project.

Baguma's mother Teresa Akiiki [C]
Baguma’s mother Teresa Akiiki [C]
“Before my husband left to that journey where he died; before leaving the home he hugged and asked me to forgive him if I felt he wronged me,” she said.


Maj Gen Robert Rusoke, the Ugandan Ambassador to South Sudan and a family member amused mourners, revealing that the deceased offered five of his excavators to go and help the AMISOM troops in Somalia and provided another excavator to the government  to rescue people in the Bududa landslides.

The widow Dorothy Baguma
The widow Dorothy Baguma

“We need to have people like Baguma in our country because it is not easy to find such a selfless yet successful businessman.”

Baguma who perished in an accident on Kampala fort Portal road last week was born in 1960 in the family of 7 children of Mr Simon Araali and Akiiki Teresa.

He has been surviving by six children and three grandchildren.
The World Bank has cancelled funding to the Uganda Transport Sector Development Project (TSDP) citing a number of contractual breaches.

World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim announced in Washington yesterday, viagra that the cancellation of the funding was based social and environmental concerns, poor project performance, and serious allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse by contractors.

The money was to fund construction of the Kamwenge – Fort Portal Road in western Uganda. However, concerns started emerging a few months ago, that the road contractors were gravely mistreating their manual workers majorly hired from the local communities, and sexually abusing young girls in the area.

During an impromptu visit to the project by the Uganda National Roads Authority Executive Director Allen Kagina, it emerged that a number of school girls has been impregnated by the road workers.

President Kim also said yesterday that an early review of the World Bank-financed project found inadequacies in Bank supervision and lack of follow-through after the serious issues were identified.

“It is our obligation to properly supervise all investment projects to ensure that the poor and vulnerable are protected in our work. In this case, we did not.  I am committed to making sure we do everything in our power – working with other stakeholders – first to fully review the circumstances of this project and then to quickly learn from our and others’ failures so they do not happen again,” he said.

“The World Bank is committed to be a global leader in Environmental and Social Standards in the development sphere, and part of that critical responsibility is to watch projects closely and ensure that risks are properly addressed.”

On September 28, 2015, a Request for Inspection was registered by the Inspection Panel, an independent complaints mechanism for people and communities who believe that they have been, or are likely to be, adversely affected by a World Bank-funded project.

The Request concerned complaints received from the Bigodi and Nyabubale-Nkingo communities located along the Kamwenge to Fort Portal Road. The Request contained numerous allegations of adverse environmental and social impacts stemming from the Project’s construction works, including impacts related to road safety and compensation for land acquisition, as well as serious allegations of road workers’ sexual relations with minor girls in the community, and sexual harassment of female employees.

On October 22, the Bank suspended the financing for the project. The World Bank says that after further review, and after the Government of Uganda and the government contractor did not take corrective it informed the Board on December 17 that it was cancelling the project.

“Because of the serious nature of the allegations, Bank management has informed the World Bank Board and the Inspection Panel that it will take action on the project even while the Inspection Panel carries out its important work,” said Kim.

The Bank however, committed to work with the government to support the affected communities, help ensure that people are protected from retaliation, and address deeply rooted social problems.


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