Workers Petition Museveni over Exclusion in 2021-2026 Manifesto

Workers under their body of Workers League have petitioned President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who is the Chairman of National Resistance Movement (NRM) on about being left out in the 2021-2026 Manifesto.

These, through their National Vice-Chairperson for Eastern Region Hassan Lwabayi Mudiba, contend that last month they raised their concerns seeking an address but up to now, they have not received any response.

“Much as the Constitution of NRM 2015 Clause 44 (1)(d) provides for workers as a Special Interest Group (SIG), workers were astonished to learn that the manifesto for 2021-2026 excluded workers among Special Interest Groups,” Mudiba said.

In their petition, they contend that the party issued a number of promises to various Special Interest Groups but unfortunately they were not listed any where among those to SIGs beneficiaries.

“I quote ‘to uplift these previously marginalized social groups and address their issues, we started the Youth councils, Women councils, Elderly councils and PWD councils from the village to the national level. NRM will continue with the representation of the formerly marginalized groups in decision making at all levels’ pages 250 – 252 of the manifesto,” Mudiba highlighted.

The workers, therefore, contend that NRM wants them to vote for their candidates without showing how NRM intends to tackle problems affecting them at the moment like the high levels of unemployment and lack of minimum wage and the failure to enact a legal framework of mid-term access to social security fund.

“It is very unfortunate for NRM either to ignore or fail to provide for the working age group (14-64 years) estimated at 19 million people of which 52% are female and 48% are male according to the National Labour Survey (NLS) 2016/17 yet majority of them are voters,” the petition further reads.

Mudiba says that the National Workers League Committee has reached out to most NRM authorities with an aim of resolving these issues, communicating to the lower structures with a view of forging a way forward with the workers but all in vain.


Responding to queries about the petition, Rogers Mulindwa, the spokesperson for NRM Secretariat, said that he has not yet seen a copy of it and therefore he is not in position to comment on what he referred to as rumors.

It’s from the above reasons that the workers have asked for an urgent meeting with the President and other concerned parties to address all the “irregularities”.

These have also asked that the  NRM manifesto be revised to include workers among the Special Interest Groups and also facilitate workers leagues in the ongoing campaigns as it being done for Youth, Women, PWDs and the Elderly.



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