Workers’ MPs Demand Compensation of Brutalized Journalists

Workers’ Representatives in Parliament have called for compensation of journalists that were recently brutalized by security forces during the Monday protest against the detention alleged torture of MP Robert Kyagulanyi.

Mps Margret Rwabushaija, Agnes Kunihira, Ngora County MP, David Abala and Kasambya County MP, Mbwatekamwa Gafa decried the images that came out showing security forces clobbering scribes.

“We watched with dismay the brutal manner in which security forces descended on our members such as James Akena, Herbert Ziwa, Ronald Galiwango among others and battered them senselessly while covering the recent riots in the city and Arua arising out of the arrest of Members of Parliament,” said Rwabushaija.

Rwabushaija said Journalists are professional workers who do a lot of work in informing the public about current affairs, and that beating them and destroying their equipment violates their rights and freedom to provide information.

“Journalists are not the cause of the riots and brutalizing them will not solve the underlying causes of the riots in the country; we wish to call upon government to address the root cause of the disturbances,” Rwabushaija said.

“Journalists belong to the Trade Union Movement and it is our duty as their elected representatives in Parliament to protect and promote a healthy and secure environment in which they can practice their trade in peace within the country.”

Hon. Agnes Kunihira noted that despite the apologies from the armed forces, government still needs to do more to ensure that they offer medical treatment to those that were affected as well as compensating them of any damaged equipment.

Ngora County MP, Abala noted that in case security agencies continue to mistreat journalists, they will be left with no option but mobilize them to boycott all state functions.



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