Women Form 52% of 17 Million Registered Voters for 2021 General Elections – EC

The Electoral Commission has on Thursday revealed that 17,658,527 voters are registered to take part in the 2021 general elections.

The Commission’s chairman Justice Simon Byabakama announced that 52% (9,218,963) of the total registered voters are females.

“The number of registered voters is 17,658,527. The number of male voters is 8,439,564 representing 47.79% of the registered voters while the number of female voters is 9,218,963, representing 52.21% of registered voters,” said Byabakama.

“These figures are different from the ones we had at the time we launched the roadmap in December 2018. The number of districts has gone up, counties have gone up, constituencies, town councils, parishes, villages. So, they have had changes,” he added.

Byabakama also announced that as of today Thursday September 17, 2020, the number of districts is 146,312 counties 353, constituencies 2,184, sub counties/ Municipal Divisions 10,595, parishes 70,626 and 34,344 polling stations.

Nomination of Candidates for Presidential Elections

Byabakama announced that the Electoral Commission has appointed Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd November 2020 as the date for nomination of candidates for presidential elections 2021.

The exercise that initially took place at Namboole stadium will this time round take place at Kololo Independence Grounds on the pretext that Namboole was organised as a COVID-19 treatment center.


The candidate’s nomination shall be supported by not less than 100 (one hundred) persons who are registered voters, from not less than 110 (one hundred and ten) districts, which form two thirds (2/3) of all districts of Uganda.

Byabakama advised aspiring presidential candidates to submit the list of supporters to the Electoral Commission for verification at least two weeks before the nomination dates.

Nomination of Candidates for Local Government Council Elections

The Commission has appointed 21st September to 1st October 2020 as the dates for the nomination of candidates for Local Government Council elections 2021.

The nomination of District/ City chairpersons, District/ city councillors, municipality/ City Division chairpersons and municipality/ City Division councillors will take place at district headquarters, while sub county/ town/ Municipal Division chairpersons and sub county/ town/ municipal division councillors will be take place at county headquarters.

The nomination exercise will be followed by the campaign period leading to the polling days in the period between January 10th and February 8th 2020.

Women Representation

Article 180(2)(b) of the Constitution provides that one third of the membership of each Local Government Council be reserved for women.

However, the recently passed Local Government Amendment Act (2020), amended section 10(1)(e) and 23(1)(e) which are the same as Article 180 (2)(b). The amendment now provides that each electoral area, that is sub County, District shall be represented by a directly elected woman Councillor.

Byabakama said the Commission will abide by the Constitution provision and nominate candidates in fulfillment of the requirements for one third for women representation.

While the Constitution amendment Act 2017 removed the lower and upper age cap for candidates for president and District/ City chairpersons, Byabakama said it did not extend the same to municipality, city Division, sub county, town and municipality Division chairpersons.

“Accordingly, aspiring candidates for municipality, city division, sub county, town and municipality division chairpersons must be not less than 35 years and not more than 75 years,” he said.


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