Women Entrepreneurs Awarded at Rising Women Expo

At this year’s Rising Women Expo, Dfcu in partnership with Monitor Publications and the Uganda Investment Authority awarded a number of women entrepreneurs who took part in the expo which hosted over 100 women in business.

The expo which began on 16th November was aimed at promoting, showcasing and celebrating women in business.

The top three winners where Krystal Ice Limited who won 15 million, Cradle Child Care Centre (10 million) and Kalaa Mugosi from Women Empowerment Limited who won 5 million.

The three also get an all-expense paid study trip to Nairobi.

According to Dfcu bank’s Chief Executive Officer Juma Kisaame over 650 women entrepreneurs have benefited from the rising woman initiative and they are proud many have benefited from it.

“The purpose of running the competition was to ensure that women get an opportunity to articulate their business ideas in writing and win funding too” he said.

The former Vice President Dr Specioza Wandira Kazibwe who was the guest of honor thanked the women for their hard work encouraged them to work more and save more as well.

“The real architects of the economic system are women, keep show casing your products and sharing knowledge with fellow entrepreneurs” she said


Dr Specioza blamed the high unemployment levels on parents who do not want to show their children what they do.

“Work with your children, move with them every day so that they know here the money comes from. We need to nurture a generation that knows money comes from sweat”.

While addressing the congregation at Hotel African Dr Specioza added that while at the Makerere University baking cakes kept her going as she earned from it.

“I started as a young girl to do business which l depended on, from making bangles l graduated to making cupcakes then big cakes that gave me my first earnings”.

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