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Women Arrested in Shs.700M Robbery

Police yesterday arrested 2 women in a robbery of Shs.700 million from a Chinese Company in Mpigi town, stuff Mpigi district.

Phillip Mukasa the region police spokesperson says, yesterday evening the suspects who are employees at the company beat security and entered the managing directors office, broke into the safe and stole the money.

He says later on they sought permission to leave work claiming that their children were sick.

Security camera however, captured them opening the safe.

“They are; Justine Nakamate and Christine Nantege, both employees at the company, we have them at Mpigi police station and will be charged after we conclude investigations,” added Phillip Mukasa.

Mukasa also says that they have arrested a one Allen Komujuni who was found robbing from a shop of a business woman in Mpigi.

The woman entered the shop disguising as a sales person from a company that makes sweets and that she wanted to extend business to the shop.

Here she gave her a sweet to taste as a sample, but it was coated with chloroform and as soon as she took it she fell asleep and here the suspect started gathering the money.


Luckily another customer came and caught her in action, making an alarm that attracted neighbors to apprehend her.


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