Women Activists Applaud MP Amoding for Standing Against Removal of Age Limit

Women activists under the Uganda Women Network (UWONET) have applauded the defiant Kumi District Woman Member of Parliament and Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) chairperson, Monica Amoding for her firm stand against a decision by NRM MPs to remove age limit from the Constitution.

The Kumi legislator took to the floor of the NRM MPs’ consultative meeting and rejected the decision to move a private members bill in respect to amending Article 102 (b) of the constitution a decision that was taken by 245 legislators.

This stance earned ridicule and insults from her fellow NRM lawmakers, accusing her of hypocrisy and acting before the cameras yet she had earlier accepted the resolution by members.

Amoding noted however, that she wasn’t party to the decision taken by members.

“I disassociate myself from the resolution of members; I moved into this meeting without knowing that the intention was to discuss such an issue,” Amoding noted on Tuesday.

In a statement issued by UWONET, the women expressed solidarity with Amoding and applauded her for taking a firm stand as a leader to reject the ploy by NRM members to amend the constitution.

“At a time when our MPs intentions and motives are under question and commitment to serving the actual needs of the people they represent, this action sends out a strong message to Ugandans and leaders at all levels that they can still serve the interest of the ordinary Ugandan with integrity,” noted UWONET Executive Director, Rita Aciro.

Aciro said that while it is fair to listen to the arguments of those in favour of lifting the age limit and those against it, it is necessary to understand that the framers of the 1995 constitution had sound reason for setting the presidential age limit at 75.

 “With several bills in Parliament such as the proposed land amendment , Marriage Bill 2017, sexual offences bill among others, the voice of the bold, independent and people-centered leaders is most critical,” she said.

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