Woman MP Defends Polygamy on Parliament Floor

The Rotary-Centenary Bank Cancer Centre has Tuesday morning been handed over to Nsambya Hospital.

The project that took three years to complete was spearheaded by Rotary Club among other key partners such as Centenary Bank and Crown Beverages.

The cancer ward has a 36 bed capacity, viagra 100mg is fully connected with electricity and water plumbing. The facility also includes private rooms.

Speaking at the occasion, Rotary Cancer Program Chairman, PDG Stephen Mwanje who conceived the idea said the decision to take on cancer started at a corporate breakfast.

Mwanje shared the idea with a few other Rotarians and asked Nsambya Hospital for land which was provided.

A Memorandum of Understanding was then signed with Centenary Bank to start the project. This was followed by three editions of cancer runs to raise funds.

Mwanje said Rotary will embark on a drive to equip the facility. He added that 4 other cancer wards will be established across the country in the next 5 years.

Simon Lugolobi, the CEO Crown Beverages, thanked Rotary for offering them an opportunity to be part of the cause.


“Health is a universal human right and it’s part of our corporate social responsibility,” he said.

He pledged further partnership with Rotary in other projects. Crown Beverages invested a sum of Shs 340m into the project.

The Medical Director Nsambya Hospital Dr. Martin Nsubuga expressed gratitude for the cancer ward and promised that it will be well looked after.

Rotarians listen to speeches at the event on Tuesday
Rotarians listen to speeches at the event on Tuesday

He said the facility will be used to conduct health education, screening and treatment.

He mentioned that two foreign Rotary Clubs have so far promised to equip the completed ward.

“The ward is by design an In-patient ward and efforts are being made to create another facility suited for cancer Out-patients,” he observed.

The Centenary Bank CEO Fabian Kasi said the financial institution has contributes over Shs 800m towards cancer activities.

Kasi also promised to work with partners to ensure the facility is equipped and functional.
The Yumbe Woman Member of Parliament, this site Huda Oleru Ababason has defended the practice of men marrying multiple women as long as they can afford to take care of them.

The exhilarating statement was on the floor of Parliament during the first ever Women Parliamentary sitting in Uganda on Tuesday sponsored by the West Ministers Foundation for Democracy.

The special sitting under the theme; “Women Participation and Emancipation” was coordinated by the Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) attracting all women MPs, more about ministers, medications local council leaders, Civil Society Organization members and women from traditional settings across the country.

The Yumbe women representative was provoked by the minister of Trade, Amelia Kyambadde who told the extraordinary assembly that for women to achieve equal status in the society, polygamy should be dealt with accordingly.

“Women shall always remain behind if men are freely marrying as many women as they want. Women are going to be in the eyes of men as easily replaceable treasures and the emancipation we want will be difficult to achieve,” Amelia argue.

However before Amelia could finish her submission, Huda immediately took to the nearest microphone and asked the Speaker of the session, former Parliamentary Commissioner and current Woman MP of Masindi district, Jalia Bintu to rule the Trade minister out of order since she didn’t recognize the tenets in other religions like Islam that allows men to more than one woman.

“Madam Speaker, I rise for a point or order, a very strong point of order… Is it in order for the honorable minister to say one man one woman not considering about religions like Islam where a man is required to marry up to four wives?” Huda asked.

She instantly backed her point with statistics of the last national census from the Uganda Bureau of Statistics saying women outnumber men in the country and the marriage equation can only be solved by men marrying more women.

“We all know from the recent census that men are fewer than women. If we say one man one woman, who is going to marry the rest?” Huda backed her point of order.

The chairing speaker who herself is a Muslim took about 20 seconds to rule on the matter since the special chair demanded that she remains impartial. She finally ruled that Amelia didn’t make her submission to hurt any faith but for the spirit of women emancipation.

“Honorable member and colleagues, it’s a tough one but I presume the minister (Amelia) didn’t mean to offend any faith but her point was in the essence of our theme which is women emancipation,” Jalia said attracting a big applause from honorable women.


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