Woman Gets 7 Years in Jail for Murdering Husband

High court judge justice Masalu Musene has sentenced Molly Kabakama, side effects a resident of Lusanja zone, unhealthy Nangabo Sub County in Wakiso district to 7 years in prison for man slaughter.

Kabakama was yesterday convicted on her own guilty plea. She told court that on 8th March 2011 she killed her husband Kennth Senkungu; stubbing him with a knife in the chest during a fight over their daughter who had got burnt.

Kabakama’s lawyer Allan Nshimye asked court for a lenient sentence, stressing that she had been remorseful, didn’t waste court’s time and is a mother who doesn’t know the whereabouts of her daughter having been on remand since 2011.

Senior State Attorney George Bigirwa however wanted a more deterrent sentence for Kabakama, who murdered her own husband in front of her own daughter.

Justice Musene nonetheless gave her seven years in jail and having been on remand for 5 years, she will now serve only 2 years.

Kabakama is one of the prisoners who have gained in the plea-bargaining programme which was introduced by the judiciary to decongest the country’s outstretched prisons.

In the program, prisoners are urged to come out and voluntarily accept the offences they committed in order to save court’s time, in exchange for lenient sentences.


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