Woman Fined for Stealing Offertory Bag from Church

City hall grade one Magistrate Valerian Tumuhimbise has sentenced a 24 year hold house wife, Judith Nanangwe to pay a fine of 250,000 shillings after convicting her on theft charges.

Judith, a resident of Seeta in Mukono district pleaded guilty of stealing offertories from Watoto Church in Ntinda

Being that she is a breast feeding mother, the Magistrate sentenced her to a fine, which she must pay or serve 5 months in jail.

Evidence on the Police file indicates that on 1st March 2020 at Watoto Church in Ntinda, Nanangwe stole an offertory bag during a church service.

The bag is said to have contained Shs. 643,000.

Last week, Kira Police arrested Nanangwe after a finding that she had a number of offertory bags at her home when the cases of theft of church offerings were on the rise.

On being interrogated by Police she accepted having engaged in this act with the intention of finding means of looking after her two children.

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