Woman Arrested Over KCCA Demo Released After MP Nsereko Visit

Annet Nassazi, viagra 100mg a mother of 5 who had been arrested by police  for  camping at City Hall as form of demonstration has been released  freely after a visit by Kampala Central MP, price Muhammad Nsereko, Chimp Corps report.

Nassazi early this week stunned passerby when she stormed the entrance to KCCA headquarters  with  a mattress and 4 of her children demanding to see KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi over her stall given away by the authority  officers at the USAFI market before confiscating her  merchandise.

She was later detained at the Central Police Station in Kampala where she spent a night with her 4 children.

According to Nassazi, a resident of Kawempe and a former street vendor, she relocated to the USAFI market where she acquired 2 stalls together with her husband but was stunned to see KCCA officials in the market giving away the stalls and confiscating their property without any genuine reason.

“I complained about the issue at city Hall and the Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago before the KCCA ED, Jeniffer  Musisi ordered that my stalls be given back to me,” she told journalists.

Nassazi however said on returning the stalls, her merchandise was never returned making her complain to the concerned officials but these never heeded to her pleas.

“The officials in the market said since I had embarrassed them when I made it public, they could not give me back my property. I then decided to camp at City Hall so I could see her (KCCA ED) for help.”

However, on Wednesday afternoon, MP Muhammad Nsereko reached out to CPS DPC Joseph Bakaleke requesting police to release Nassazi and her 4 children who had been held in detention.


“It hurts me as a parent seeing a mother and her children arrested and spend days outside their home. I realized the need to reach out to police to see that she is released and I will stand surety for her,”Nsereko said while at CPS.

He also offered to give her Shs4 million as start-up capital to see she returns to USAFI market and resume business.

The Kampala CPS DPC, Bakaleke heeded to the request by Nsereko and released Nassazi and her 4 children unconditionally.

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