Without Lockdown, Uganda Would Register 18000 Cases, 550 Deaths by End of April – Health Minister

Minister of Health Dr Jane Ruth Aceng has come out to praise President Yoweri Museveni for taking swift measures to prevent the spread of the deadly Coronavirus Disease the country.

As part of the new measures by the president, Uganda is currently under  partial lock-down, with total border closure, strict limitations on car movement, and a nightly curfew that will be running for 2 weeks.

Additionally, the president has banned all public meetings, closed all schools and religious gatherings as well as nearly all businesses dealing in non-food products.

Health Minister Dr Jane Ruth Aceng today painted a grim picture that Uganda would have found itself in, if these measures were not put in place in time.

The minister, citing recent modeling, said Uganda would have more than 18000 cases and more that 500 deaths by the end of this month, if it weren’t for these restrictions .

“Without any lock down or social distancing measures, the epidemic will get out of hand,” she said.

“Uganda will have according to models so far done, 18878 cases at 3% fatality rate; meaning we’d lose 556 people by April 31st 2020. This would be unbearable and would constrain our health system.”

She added, “That is why we have to appreciate the president for taking action promptly.”


Currently, Uganda has registered 44 cases of Covid19 and no deaths.  The First case was recorded on  Saturday 21st March 2020.

Around the world, only 8 countries have so far exceeded 18,000 cases, namely USA, Italy, Spain, China, Germany, France, Iran and the United Kingdom.

These countries, despite being first world apart from Iran, have reported extreme distress on the their healthcare systems, and some have started calling for help  from other countries.

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