Witchdoctor Who Sued Kadaga “Gets Death Threats”

The witchdoctor, who early this month sued the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga over alleged breach of contract, has said she is facing death threats from unknown people and has appealed for protection from government.

Mr Damiano Akuze, in an interview, with this website on Tuesday evening, said she has fled her home in Buwala Village, Wankole Sub-county in Kamuli District, claiming that some armed men are looking for him.

He also claimed that they are tracking his phone as well as intimidating his family members.

“I can’t access my home; armed people are looking for me. They are tracking me on my phone and I was compelled to switch it off, they kidnapped my son demanding him to tell them my where about,”  Mr Akuze said.

Asked whether he has already reported the matter to police, he said: “I have no access. They may kill me from there.”

Mr Akuze wondered what crime he committed by seeking what he described as justice in court when he sued the Speaker.

However, Busoga North Regional Nolice Spokesperson Michael Kasadha urged Akuze to come out of hiding, saying they are ready to offer him protection.

“He is a human being and a Ugandan with freedom and we shall give him protection,’’ Mr Kasadha said.


About a month ago, Daily Monitor website published a story, claiming that Akuze had sued Ms Kadaga for failure to pay him more than Shs200m in respect to services rendered to her. The money allegedly accumulated in breach of contract, interests and cost of the suit.

Following the incident, Kadaga denounced the witchdoctor and said she had never met him or even gone to his shrine.


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