‘Witchdoctor who Led Zombo Attack’ Captured

The Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) have arrested a one Dr Ovoya, a witchdoctor who is suspected of inspiring militants to carry out a deadly attack on its detachment in Zombo district, West Nile on March 6.

“We got him,” said deputy spokesperson Lt Col Deo Akiiki on Monday morning.

“Witch Dr Ovoya who misled and participated in an adventurous attack on UPDF detachment in Zombo has been captured by our operational forces,” said Lt Col Akiiki.

The army says the gang of attackers totaling 80, which invaded Zombo base was mobilized from areas of Paidha, Nyapea, Zeu, Zaale, Songoli, Atyak and a few from Warr in Uganda.

UPDF said the attackers were “misled by some Congolese elements seeking guns for use for criminal activities in Eastern Congo.”

“The assailants were mobilized by some group who were recently given amnesty by government including one Ovoya a witchdoctor and other ringleaders like Atochon, Oketcha, Openji Openjuru and a UPDF veteran Corporal Tonifa Bosco.”

Of the 80 attackers who were armed with bows, arrows, pangas and spears, 17 were killed while 26 were captured, mostly injured.

Three UPDF soldiers were killed by hacking with pangas and arrows.

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