WIPO Launches in Uganda

WIPO a renowned Clean Hygienic brand has launched its operations in Kampala, cialis 40mg through the Nautical holdings, pills a locally registered company in Uganda.

Wipo the flagship brand of Clean Hygienic is a leading personal care and hygiene company operating predominately in Middle East countries but has of late stepped up its operations in East African countries including Uganda.

While speaking at the second international trade exhibition held at UMA show ground, pharmacy Amin Kazi, the CEO of Clean Hygiene said they are focusing on the production of numerous categories of hygienic products for skin care and surface while ensuring superior quality based on their founding principles of quality and transparence while trying to instill confidence into the Ugandan market.

According to Amin, through the expertise and research conducted by their development team in March across Uganda, they realized that water was very costly and at most times people forego washing their hands thus the idea of bringing in the wipo wipes is a perfect match in meeting the personal hygienic standards of many Ugandans who want to be clean by creating the right product for the market.

Amin said that besides the community benefiting from the introduction of these high quality and affordable products, the economy will as well benefit through the creation of hundreds of jobs in the area of production, distribution as well as the supply chain management.

“We plan to set up a manufacturing plant here in Uganda in the near future which will create jobs and also contribute towards the development of the country by way of taxes and high quality products said Amin.

The brand market products to be tested include baby wipes, beauty and cosmetics, health care, consumer care products, para-pharmaceuticals products and the latest innovation is the manufacture of mosquito and insect repellent wipes that he believes will help solve the rampant cases of mosquito bites while giving a stop to the malaria issues in the country.

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