Winnie Nwagi to Critics: Mind the Business that Pays You

Social Media has been awash with Winnie Nakanwagi aka Winnie Nwagi’s sensual swimsuit pictures that she posted on her Instagram.

Much as everyone has always known that she has a curvy body, after the pictures were posted, “she left no room  for imagination” as many fans mentioned.

Nwagi took the pictures while on vacation with her girlfriends at the newly opened Aramaga Rift Valley lodge in Fort Portal. Showing off her curvy body covered with tattoos, however, did not sit well with some people.

To some, she was exposing too much of herself because she was ‘semi-nude’.

“Winnie Nwagi needs to get herself together and lose weight and get rid of the tattoos,” one of the displeased people tweeted.

One of the photos Winnie Nwagi posted on her instagram.

On the other hand, however, some people have come out and defended the ‘Matala’ singer for being confident in her own skin.

Popular boudoir photographer Bash Mutumba has offered to give Winnie Nwagi a free sensual or boudoir shoot after the pictures came out.

However, as social media continues to go crazy, Winnie Nwagi seems not to be bothered as she is posting more pictures from her vacation with the caption “mind the business that pays you.”

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