Winnie Nwagi at 28: From a Stubborn, Dreaming Girl to a Superstar

You can hardly talk about prominent Ugandan divas without a mention of Winnie Nakanwagi aka Nwagi.

Born to Henry Kabiito and the late Sarah Namuddu 28years ago in Namasuba, Entebbe Road  Nwagi has lived a life that almost sat on her dreams as a teenager.

Today, July 20, Nwagi celebrates her 28th birthday.

Best known for her curvy body, Nwagi is a mother of a six year old daughter, Destiny Valeria Mirembe.

She gave birth to Destiny in her senior six vacation.

Around that time, Nwagi was playful, stubborn and adventurous.

In a 2015 interview, Winnie recalled her playful days when she snatched a friend’s lover, just to get back at her.

“I had a friend (male) and he was hitting on me yet he was my friend’s boyfriend but then I was rejecting him insisting that the girlfriend was my friend,” she said.


“When the guy was almost accepting the fact, the chic begun accusing me of sleeping with her man, ganged up with some other gals and started spoiling my name everywhere as in they would find me anywhere in public and went on provoking me,” She narrated.

When the issue escalated, Nwagi says, “I was like why don’t I do it and get insulted for a reason and that’s when I accepted the guy and made sure they see me everywhere with him making out.”

The “Show me” singer also revealed that “I can be crazy if provoked but the funny thing is the chic later came to me and apologized so i also dumped her boyfriend”

Nwagi and her baby daddy separated on unclear terms as he would not offer any material support.

Despite becoming a mother at a tender age, Nwagi did not give up on her dreams.

She would later join Coca Cola rated Next competition in 2014 where she emerged second.

Nwagi won a recording deal with the Muyenga based Swangz Avenue to which she has been signed for the most part of her professional career to date.

Nwagi has recorded over 10 songs including her best-seller “Musawo”.


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