Winnie Kiiza Calls On Women to Participate More in Active Politics

Former Leader of Opposition, Winnie Kiiza has asked women to participate more in politics rather than campaigning for politicians. Winnie made the remarks during the release of the Uganda Governance Pulse Report at Skyz Hotel, Naguru.

“I call upon women to participate in politics because it will give them an avenue in the decision making process. Women do campaigns for the men yet they fear to come out and engage in politics. We must have more women in decision making,” she said.

“When we are up there, we speak for ourselves and know how best to solve our problems,” she added.

Kiiza also noted that many politicians use women as a campaign weapon and asked political leaders to trust women with leadership positions, empower them and trust that they will win.

“Political parties need to trust that women can stand on that seat and win, give them positions! Many politicians use women as a campaign weapon, saying that, they will support them. Promising them pads is not relevant, what is important is to empower them to afford those pads,” she added.

Meanwhile, the report sought to survey and outline the public perception on the general direction of the country, public perceptions on the economy, awareness of the electoral process, political freedom of expression, politics by gender and peaceful demonstration.

The data shows that 51% of women who took the survey reported to be members of a political party while 61% of the population in rural areas reported to belong or considered themselves affiliated to political parties than the urban population (48%).

Kiiza urged politicians looking for votes from women to ensure that their needs are considered because they are the biggest voters.


“Issues that affect women are many: like poor education for girls, women’s health and the maternal deaths which are on the rise. The focus should be on the issues that are making women die. Politicians need to figure out where the problem is and also fix it, maybe it is lack of midwives and medical supplies,” she cautioned.

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