Why UFC Is A Great Sport To Get Into

Up until recently, I knew nothing about MMA or UFC. I did not know what they stood for and didn’t even know they were related. I had heard the term “cage fighting” and assumed it referred to some kind of obscure fight club. I’ve only ever enjoyed sports played on fields, with balls, like football and cricket.

Then a friend of mine invited me to a local MMA event and it blew my mind. The amount of skill, strength, and fitness these fighters had was unlike anything I’d seen before. And they were amateurs! The fights engaged me so much because anything could happen. There were no expected moves, no prescribed hits, almost no rules.

What I saw was so exciting that, when I found out how to get a UFC free live stream, my UFC addiction started. UFC is the most prominent MMA league and widely considered the best. I’ve never watched boxing or wrestling, so this was far out of my barrelhouse. But there are reasons UFC is such an easy sport to get into.

Anything can happen

The concept of mixed-martial arts (aka MMA) is that fighters are not bound to a particular set of skills. They can use techniques from karate, judo, taekwondo, krav maga, boxing, and whatever else they know. As a viewer, it is difficult to predict anything throughout the entire fight. Whereas with other types of fighting, as well as most ball games, you have a clear idea of what will happen during a certain timeframe, with MMA anything goes.

UFC fighters are all multi-talented, and they are pitted against one another with no expectations about who should bring what to the table. Every fight is a new experience, and it’s exhilarating.

It’s cathartic

There is something incredibly cathartic about watching people fight in a controlled environment. You see aggression play out in a healthy way. Everyone’s on the same team – they’re there for the sport, not to beat each other up.


The truth that many of us avoid acknowledging most of the time is that we all have internalised aggression. It finds its way out in whatever way it can, even if we try to keep it down. Watching UFC and supporting one of the fighters is a great channel for my own aggression. It is cathartic and I love the feeling.

Knockouts and submissions

In UFC, a fight is usually won when a fighter is knocked out or submits. Each of them has its own charms. Sometimes, you get a one-punch knockout, and while that ends the fight way too early, it is satisfying anyway.

Forcing an opponent into submission means we get the results not from the judges but from the losing fighter him or herself. Submission really is the ultimate judge of who dominated the fight. No one can argue the results. It’s unequivocal.

Of course, if the fight does run through to the end of the final round, you get to see far more fighting than you expected!

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