Why Slay Queens/ ‘Bad Girls’ Get Married Easier

Society tends to think that the sit-home, so-religious girls should be the ones to walk down the aisle. Shockingly, men have continuously opted for the bad girls, or ‘slay queens’ as they prefer to be called.

Ritah Kaggwa, Zari Hassan, Shamim (wife of Kyadondo East aspirant Apollo Katinti among others are some of the ‘slay queens’ that have had rings, as the religious ones continue to tweet “Men Are Trash.”

Even in the world of ordinary people, it is the girls who are always clubbing,taking shisha,always around boys who get married.

From such instances, one would be quick to conclude, “Being good, modest and keeping a low profile doesn’t pay off after all”.

Here are a few reasons why bar hoppers, and slayers have continued to dominate in the marriage realm.

Men think ‘bad’ is Cool

“A girl with a jumpy lifestyle is so sexy,” men tend to think.

Women post would-be private pictures usually attract more attention than the “Jesus is my boyfriend” type of girls.


Remember those classmates who were the naughtiest? How many are married? Chances are that a big portion of them are.

“I can marry a woman I picked from a club because wild sex would be assured at least,” says Jjuuko Hakeem a boutique owner in Kampala.

Bad is naughty and naughty is attractive to men. They find good girls so predictable and not exciting.

Men are risk takers

Even when it comes to sports betting, we have more male participants than the female, naturally, men like to take risks. To be challenged and experience something new out of their comfort zones.

A man will choose a woman whose [sex] tape leaked and marry her. There’s that unexplained urge for risk taking.

Socialite Sheila Don Zella with her lover

Bad girls have seen it all

Men choose slay queens or party animals because most likely, these girls have seen it all.

Nankabirwa Rachael, a business woman says that girls who are usually referred to as wild, or ‘slutty’ surely stand a higher chance of marriage.

“She has gone to clubs since high school, had dozens of men and done it all, so she is ready to settle,” she adds.

On the flipside, the ‘good girls’ tend to become adventurous at a later stage, even when in marriage.

Marry one like that, you may have yourself some guaranteed headache.

The bedroom myth

There’s a notion around men that the wild girls make the wildest love.

Despite scandals, some women like Desire Luzinda have remained relevant and among the most sought-after.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to marry Anita Fabiola because when I saw her pictures she seems to be,” said one Timothy [second name withheld].

City Socialite Nana Webber with her lover. Nana is a renowned twerker and slay queen

Men like complicated women

A woman who is hard to figure out tends to stand higher chances than the open books.

Bad girls are mysterious, secretive and elusive; all qualities men die for.

There’s a notion that good girls are so predictable and not exciting which is really boring.

By nature men love challenges and solving difficult problems.

A girl who is hard to catch and almost impossible to keep easily hits the jackpot when it comes to marriage.

Disclaimer: All that said, it’s not a guarantee that the slay queen will easily get the ring than the church girl. Men have tastes. Tastes differ from one to the other.

All we’re saying is, don’t hop out of church into a club hoping to find love as easy as finding a bottle.

It all comes down to fate, luck and other factors.

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