Why Six-Pack Men aren’t Marriage Material

If you thought being a gym addict is a shortcut to a woman’s heart, you could be wrong.

While women like well-bodied (read six-pack) men for short-term relationships, they don’t find them the best option for marriage.

A new survey shows that women favour men with a softer physique over rock hard abs when looking for a long-term partner.

The study

The study found that 7 out of 10 women were attracted to men with up to 20 extra pounds on their frame.

Jessica Correa, the study leader, explained that the survey was carried out so members would know they wouldn’t be judged while working out.

In the experiment, the body types that are considered soft were tagged dad bods – that is you are something between rock hard and flabby.

Why women like men with dad bods


Results from the study reveal that when women see a man with a ‘dad bod,’ they think, ‘he’s a family man,’ ‘he’s a nurturer,’ ‘he’s putting his family before himself.’

The dad bod becomes a symbol of attractiveness to women, suggesting that he could be a good husband and father, researchers say.

A man with a dad bod is seen as someone with pursuits outside of the gym, and he’s not going to be standing you up for dinner because he has to get in a workout.

Experimenters also revealed that 78% of women found that those men are confident in their own skin.

Other results from the survey included that almost half the women feel like dad bods are the “new six-pack” and 83% of mothers would be proud to have a husband with a dad bod.

What Ugandan women say

Mary Asiimwe: I find that when people do anything in extremes, they are either trying to fit in or they are hiding insecurity, and that’s not the kind you want to be the father of your kids.

If they feel insecure/low self-esteem; then the gym/their appearance, to them, would be important and all-consuming because it’s the only thing of worth they have.

Janet Babirye: I love big muscly men; not necessarily popped out muscle like a body builder. My husband has mature muscle. I love that he is strong; he can throw me across the room.

I love petting and stroking his biceps and shoulders, he flexes them for me while I’m doing this.

Jane Nankunda: I love to watch them – it’s sheer entertainment! Seriously, I don’t like to actually interact with anyone at the gym but these characters just make me laugh.

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