Why NRM Should Worry About Independents: Bugisu Sub Region

Independent candidates in the 24 Constituencies that make up Bugisu sub region are now a significant threat to the ruling National Resistance Movement party (NRM) compared to the opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) and other parties.

Presently, NRM is the dominant party in the region, holding majority (11 out of 16) seats in the 10th Parliament, followed by Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) with three and two independents.

The NRM MPs are John Baptist Nambeshe of Manjiya County – who recently crossed to NUP and has its flag for 2021 –, Justine Khainza the Woman MP Bududa District, Alex Burundo of Bulambuli County, Mudimi Wamakuyu of Elgon County, and Apollo Masika of Bubulo East.

Others are Rose Mutonyi of Bubulo West, Dr. Mary Gorretti Kitutu the Manafwa Woman MP, Werikhe Kafabusa of Bungokho South, Connie Nakayenze Galiwango the Mbale Woman MP, Vincent Woboya of Budadiri East and Florence Nambozo the Woman MP Sironko District.

In the just concluded MP nominations by the Electoral Commission, a total of 123 candidates were nominated to contest in the 24 available Parliamentary seats in the sub region, which is about 5 candidates per seat on average.

Out of these, 68 were independents while 55 were fronted by NRM, NUP, FDC, and ANT.

In Mbale alone, 25 out of the 47 candidates who were nominated to compete for the six Constituencies and one district Woman MP seat are independents, constituting to 53%. The remaining 22 candidates are; seven for NRM, seven for FDC, four for NUP and four for ANT.

Three independents are in the Mbale City MP race, six in Northern Division, four in Industrial division, three in the Mbale district Woman MP race, three in Bungokho South, three in Bungokho North and two in Bungokho South.


For the Mbale Woman MP racer, analysists in the region think competition is between NRM’s Lydia Wanyoto and her nemesis Connie Nakayenze Galiwango, the incumbent who is coming as an independent.

But there are real concerns about Wanyoto’s ability to beat Galiwango in the main race next year.

“She wanted the flag, we gave it to her. Now let’s wait for the time and vote our MP,” one of Galiwango’s supporters said.

In Bududa district, 12 of the 19 candidates are independents.

These include; four in Lutshetshe County, three in Bushigai County, two in Manjiya County and three in the District Woman MP race.

In the whole district, NUP is only projected to win in Manjiya County, where the incumbent who crossed from NRM has its flag.

Agnes Shiuma Khainza, one of the independents in the Bududa district woman MP race is said to pose a major threat to NRM.

She lost to her namesake and the incumbent, Justine Khainza, in the party primaries.

Although she petitioned the NRM Tribunal, she was not successful and decided to run as an independent.

Rebecca Kadaga the Speaker of Parliament and the 2nd National Vice Chairperson of NRM on Thursday this week convened a meeting at Bududa district headquarters, aimed at reconciling the independents, but they all boycotted the meeting.

In Namisindwa County, Namisindwa District, NUP has fronted its senior lawyer Anthony Wameli who will be facing NRM’s Apollo Masika and four independents (two are causalities of the NRM primaries).

It is in Bulambuli district, where NRM is confident of landslide victory.

Bulambuli has seven independents out of the 17 who have vied for the seats in the four constituencies. Three are in the Bulambuli Woman MP race, one in Bulambuli County, and three in Elgon North.

60% of the candidates who are competing for the three Counties of Sironko District are independents, that is four in Budadiri East, three in Budadiri West and four in Sironko Woman MP race.

NRM’s Aisha Nabulo will strain to beat the incumbent Florence in the Sironko Woman MP. Nambozo lost in the primaries, where she cited corruption, bribery and intimidation of her agents.

NUP’s Mafabi Ronald appears to be the weakest candidate in the Budadiri West County, where FDC’s Nandala Mafabi is leading on ground. Nandala recently said that NUP is only found in urban centres, not everywhere as they claim.

“I have moved in different rural areas, but the party is not there. It is only found in Cities, Towns and Trading Centres,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Manafwa District has only 8 independents out of the 18 aspirants in four slots. These are; one in Bubulo east County, two in Bubulo West, two in Butiru County, and three in the district Woman MP seat.

Full list of the 2021 Parliamentary Aspirants in Bugisu Sub Region

  1. Mbale

(a) Mbale City:

(I) Woman MP Mbale City

  1. Lydia Wanyoto Mutende (NRM
  2. Connie Galiwango Nakayenze (Independent)
  3. Robinah Nadunga (NUP)
  4. Maimuna Nambuya (FDC)
  5. Shadia Luwungele (Independent)
  6. Racheal Nansubuga Kakungulu (Independent)

(I) Northern City Division MP

  1. Paul Wanyoto (FDC)
  2. Ivan Masaba (NUP)
  3. Seth Wambede (NRM)
  4. Gershomu Sizomu Rabbi Wambede (Independent)
  5. Peter Mashate (Independent)
  6. Umar Nangoli (Independent)
  7. Iman Magala (Independent)
  8. Jackson Aryampa (Independent)
  9. Muhamad Wandera (ANT)
  10. Dennis Webisa (Independent)

(III) Industrial City Division MP

  1. Karim Masaba (Independent)
  2. Isaac Nabende Walera (FDC)
  3. Augustine Mutenyo (Independent)
  4. John Wambogo Wekesa (NRM)
  5. Geofrey Nambafu (Independent)
  6. Yasin Madoi (NUP)
  7. Micheal Musaalo (Independent)
  8. Martin Musamali (Independent)

(b) Mbale District:

(IV) Woman MP Mbale District

  1. Florence Annet Musuya Soobi (NRM)
  2. Mariam Mukhaye Wangisi Massa (Independent)
  3. udithKakai J (NUP)
  4. Phiona Nafuna (FDC)
  5. Suzan Nandutu Mwalye (Independent)
  6. Aisha Lunyolo (Independent)

(V) Bungokho South Constituency

  1. Robert Wandwasi (NRM)
  2. Bernard Elly Mujasi Masaba (Independent)
  3. Daniel Nakhale (FDC)
  4. Goeffrey Wokuri (Independent)
  5. David Woshale (Independent)

(VI) Bungokho North Constituency

  1. Shafiga Wanyenya (Independent)
  2. Faith John Magolo (NRM)
  3. Yahaya Godoi (Independent)
  4. Abdallah Naleka (Independent)
  5. James Wambede (FDC)
  6. Moses Wambede (Independent)
  7. Sam Mubajje (Independent)

(VII) Bungokho Central Constituency

  1. Eric Stephen Mukhwana (Independent)
  2. Richard Wanda (NRM)
  3. Andrew Mauso (Independent)
  4. Anthony Eddy Wanamama (FDC)
  5. Guyson Nangayi (ANT)


2 Bududa district;

(VIII) Bududa Woman MP

  1. Justine Khainza Mukuwa (NRM)
  2. Agnes Khainza Shiuma (Independent)
  3. Agnes Nandutu (Independent)
  4. Esther Wetsetse (Independent)

(IX) Manjiya Constituency

  1. John Baptist Nambeshe (NUP)
  2. Moses Khaukha Mukhobeh (NRM)
  3. Hussein Kato Matanda (Independent)
  4. Jackson Matsanga (Independent)

(X) Bushigai Constituency

  1. David Wandendeya Wakikona (NRM)
  2. Patrick Kituno Wamboko (FDC)
  3. Wilson Watila (Independent)
  4. Phillip Namukowa (Independent)
  5. Job Khatondi (Independent)

(XI) Lusteshe Constituency

  1. Isaac Modoi (NRM)
  2. Robert Masika (NUP)
  3. Godfrey Watenga Nabutanyi (Independent)
  4. Micheal Wekosesa (Independent)
  5. Moses Bikala Mukuwa (Independent)
  6. Wilson Nabwokye (Independent)


3 Namisindwa District;

(XII) Woman MP Namisindwa District

  1. Sarah Netalisile Kayegi (NRM)
  2. Faridah Nakizibwe Nekesa (FDC)
  3. Leah Juliet Wayenya (Independent)

(XIII) Namisindwa Constituency

  1. ApolloM asika (NRM)
  2. Anthony Wameli (NUP)
  3. Wilbrod Wandende Nakhabala (Independent)
  4. John Bosco Wopuwa (Independent)
  5. Rogers Kutosi Khabusi (Independent)
  6. Stephen Wulyalya (FDC)
  7. Stephen Mwelu Lukunyu (Independent)

4 Bulambuli district;

 (XIV)  Bulambuli Woman MP

  1. Irene Nafuna Muloni (NRM)
  2. Sarah Nambozo Wekomba (independent)
  3. Scovia Muduwa (NUP)
  4. Harriet Nalwele (independent)
  5. Nambozo Patience (Independent)

(XV) Bulambuli Constituency

  1. Emmanuel Biara (independent)
  2. Alex Burundo (NRM)
  3. Isaac Katenya
  4. Tom Gashali
  5. Moses Samali (FDC)
  6. Paul Wabulaka (DP)

(XVI) Elgon County

  1. Ignatius Wamakuyu Mudimi Nyasio (NRM)
  2. Emmanuel Masaba Wekomba Sabunyo (FDC)

(XVII) Elgon North County

  1. Gerald Nangoli (NRM)
  2. Henry Nangabo (Independent)
  3. Hannington Nengera Musudo (Independent)
  4. Mwambu Madate Christopher (Independent)


5 Sironko district;

(XVIII) Woman MP Sironko

  1. Asha Nabulo Mafabi (NRM)
  2. Florence Nambozo Mayoga Wamala (Independent)
  3. Hilder Nadunga Can (Independent)
  4. Juliet Gibbs (Independent)
  5. Femiar Wodada (FDC)
  6. Eva Kayegi (Independent)
  7. Aisha Nakayenze (NUP)

(XIX) Budadiri West Constituency

  1. Nathan Nandala Mafabi (FDC)
  2. Kosea Makwasi Wambaka (NRM)
  3. Peter Muyobo (Independent)
  4. Ronald Mafabi (NUP)
  5. Nasser Bossa (Independent)
  6. Christopher Nakisali (Independent)

(XX) Budadiri East Constituency

  1. Vicente Woboya (NRM)
  2. Isaiah Sasaga Wanzira (FDC)
  3. David Woniala (NUP)
  4. Richard Maserege (Independent)
  5. Julius Nagiyi (Independent)
  6. Godfrey Sasaga Wanzira (Independent)
  7. John Kiwungulo (Independent)

6 Manafwa District;

(XXI) Manafwa Woman MP

  1. Mary Gorret Kitutu (NRM)
  2. Rose Mutonyi Masaba (Independent)
  3. Annet Namalwa (FDC)
  4. Milly Khainza (Independent)
  5. Ann Mugoma (Independent)

(XXII) Bubulo West Constituency

  1. Chris Peter Welikhe (NRM)
  2. Richard Micheal Nataka (Independent)
  3. Paul Butita (DP)
  4. Chris Matembu Wataka (FDC)
  5. Robert Wosero (NUP)
  6. John Simiyu (independent)

(XXIII) Bubulo East Constituency

  1. Richard Mataya (NRM)
  2. John Musila (Independent)
  3. Nathan Wataka (NUP)
  4. Innocent Nyote David (FDC)

(XXIV) Butiru Counstituency

  1. Godfrey Wokooli Matembu (NRM)
  2. Joel Samuel Yiga (NUP)
  3. Andrew Steven Mwalye (Independent)
  4. Lorna Simiyu Tingu Makuma (Independent)







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