Why Michael Ross Was Thrown Off Stage at Ginuwine Concert

Faded singer Michael Ross was on Saturday evening thrown off stage by bouncers as American RnB 90s star Ginuwine was performing.

After the incident, a video of the unfortunate incident went viral on social media.

Michael Ross has since explained as to why he was thrown off the stage stating that he takes full responsibility for his actions back stage.

“First of all I take full responsibility for all my actions in this video clip. I had no business being on that stage in the first place. But here’s what happened. Ginuwine was performing his last song PONY which happens to be a favourite of mine. So I made my way from the back of the VIP to the front with my phone in hand ready to record a clip of that moment. But I was pushed by a bouncer who claimed that I was too close to the stage. We got into a short argument because he was too disrespectful towards me. So I put my phone back into my pocket and without even thinking twice I slipped behind the bouncer and jumped on stage. That’s when I got bounced. However I’m thankful that when I was thrown off stage I didn’t get hurt. So I take full responsibility again and I apologize to the @Ginuwine, the organizers of the show for the inconvenience and all my fans incase I let y’all down in any way” states Michael Ross.

Watch video of Michael Ross being thrown off stage below;

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