Why Kabagarame Will Be Holding More Food Festivals in Kampala

Foodies again gathered in numbers over the Weekend at Naguru HillTop Hotel for the biggest edition Kabagarame -Kampala festival.

The much anticipated event attracted hundreds who were spoted munching delicious and uniquely prepared pork accompanied with either Matooke or kalo andTusker lite for a complete meal.

Foodies enjoying roasted pork at the event

The fiesta is borrowed from a popular pork market in Bushenyi.

Dishes were prepared and served in a traditional setting with an attractive look and tasty bites.

Foods on display ranged from bitter, tangy to sweet delicacies while non- pork eaters had an option of roasted and grilled chicken to satisfy their taste buds.

This one decided to wash it down with Tusker Lite

Kampala revellers were indeed treated to the famous Kabaragame as many were seen enjoying the much praised bushenyi meal which has been operating for years.

The family event faced negative critisms from the public with many saying the organizers were only deciveing about the event which they said would not be successful.

Speaking at the event,Brian Seruyiggo,a representative for Tusker Lite,the sponsors pledged continuous support of the event and cautioned people to drink responsibly.


“Tusker Lite celebrates and appreciates its loyal customers and always looks for a way of spending time with them and getting to know what they like.

As the perfect food pairing companion, we can’t be more proud to be part of the Kabagarame Food Festival.”

The event was very successful,a thing the organizers should be sure to organize more and more episodes.

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