Why I Switched To Africell And Why You Should Too

By James Odongo

World over, Social media is the go-to for news, entertainment and information updates on a daily.

And of course, the cost of data then comes into play. To stay engaged, one needs a reliable, affordable and very efficient network to stay informed.

It is for this exact reason that Africell’s SWIFT Bundle offer is the best of any available social media bundle suited for the typical Ugandan who needs to log onto social media, make WhatsApp calls and stay in touch with your buddies.

More for less 

Africell’s costs are very affordable.

For just Shs2,000 I get weekly 600MBs of Africell’s SWIFT Bundle which gives me access to all five major social media platforms, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with ease of downloading & uploading.

With these, I have conveniently enjoyed round the clock texting & sharing my daily happenings, while making clear WhatsApp video calls.


In Uganda, as in any country, news breaks every second of the day and information flows in real time.

My data bundles have been a plus for me to access, receive and share information, a need the Africell SWIFT Bundle satisfies.

YouTube, Skype & Much more 

The most exciting offer so far is the Triple Bundles offer.

Here, I get three times more data when I load a daily data bundle of 200 MBs and above.

This gives me three times more data than what I actually pay for, giving more value for my money.

With this triple data I Skype with my family abroad & link with my business associates. I can also YouTube, Netflix & download torrents. 

More than just data!! 

By the look of things, Africell just will not stop. I now take pride at having the cheapest call rates in the country.

My call rate is at an unbelievable price of just Shs1 per second. So now I don’t have to wait for the discount zone to make my calls.

The writer is an independent Kampala based researcher with interests in academia.



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