Why Emergency Pills are a Bomb in disguise

Many Ugandan girls have managed to sleep around for years without getting pregnant. It’s not luck. It’s the power of the emergency pill.

They can brag to your face how ‘stupid’ girls are when they conceive at a very early age.

Had they known the danger likely to befall them, these girls would be in churches, praying for God’s mercy to dawn onto them.

Sherinah (not real name) a friend of mine from a popular university once told me that Postinor is the best innovation for her intimacy problems.

“Why would I bother my guy with rubbers yet I have a solution,” a seemingly naïve Sherinah told me.

“He doesn’t have to know,” she told me when I wondered whether her boyfriend approves of such a method.

She, just like many other young girls think emergency pills are like painkillers. They think you can have as many as you wish, especially within the 72-hour timeframe.

Sherinah, the girl who used to adore Postinor, is now struggling to get pregnant.


“My boyfriend thinks I’m barren,” she cried out. “Do you know of anyone who can be of help?” a puzzled Sherinah asked.

Avoiding to be the bearer of bad news, I didn’t attempt to remind her of her addiction to the “best innovation ever”.

Handy as they come, emergency pills are a time bomb, especially when consumed often than required.

Here are some of the dangers one may encounter if she attempts to drive fast down the emergency pill lane.


By mere being in possession of the pills, girls always feel like they’re in company of superman in a warzone.

Sadly, they also forget that diseases are real. They give in wholeheartedly forgetting that the mischievous HIV/AIDS and other STD’s are wide open waiting to swallow them with pleasure.


Excessive use of emergency pill tends to tamper with the ovulation cycle in women. Periods become irregular, or in worse conditions, they become abnormally repetitive.

Even when they have never had issues like Fistula, such women tend to have ever-flowing clots of blood.

Drug Reaction

Emergency pills have been known to escalate some illnesses when used quite often.

The contraceptive’s effectiveness could be reduced when patients on medications for asthma, epilepsy, renal impairment, diabetes mellitus, depression, and hypertension use this pill.

Besides the reduced effectiveness, the aforementioned illnesses could also become extremely reactive and a danger to the host.


With an altered ovulation cycle, it’s no secret that conceiving becomes complicated.

With an irregular or non-flowing period, chances of getting pregnant slim or close to zero.

Even when luck dawns on them and they get pregnant, chances are that they’ll suffer miscariages.


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