Why Court Convicted Sebuufu and Group

High Court judge Anglin Senoga on Monday ruled that State Prosecution proved beyond reasonable doubt that Pine Car bond boss Muhammad Sebuufu and his 7 co accused murdered Donah Betty Katushabe with a deadly weapon and stole her mobile phone.

The suspects on the 21st March 2015 are said to have kidnapped Katushabe from her home, stole her mobile phone valued at three hundred thousand before causing her death.

In her ruling the judge said all the six prosecution witnesses pinned the accused on commission of the offence and the accused in their defense failed to disassociate themselves from the acts.

“I disregard the Assessor’s opinion and find all the accused persons guilty as charged”

“All necessary ingredients were proved beyond reasonable doubt that she didn’t die of a natural cause as the defense lawyers wanted court to believe”

The judge pointed out that the postmortem report shown that the deceased had bruises all over her body which were inflicted on her by the accused persons while at Pine car bond

Stephen Lwanga who allegedly drove the car in which Katushabe was picked from her home to Central Police Station Kampala and later to Pine has been found guilty of accessory after the fact, or assisting the others in committing the offence

On the issue of money which the deceased owed Sebuufu, the judge said the accused could have filed a civil suit to claim it.



She noted further that all the eight persons had a common intention to execute and this was seen by the way they picked the victim from home disguising that they were going to settle the matter which they didn’t.

The judge as such cancelled the bail of all six people including Sebuufu, who have been out on bail throughout the whole trial of this case.

These have been remanded to Luzira prison until next week when they will receive the sentence

Kule Morris a brother to the Late Katushabe applauded court for serving justice which he said had returned their hope in the judiciary

“We can’t celebrate because we lost our sister but what we know our sister will now rest in peace” added

He added all along several people have been approaching them for a plea bargain but they refused because it could appear like they had sold their sister

The convicts include Muhammad, Godfrey Kayiza the security guard, Paul Tasingika, Phillip Mirambe car a broker, Stephen Lwanga, business men Damanseni Sentongo and Yoweri Kitayimbwa

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